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First horses arrive in Kentucky through Lewis County
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The history of Lewis county is forever entwined with the settlement of Kentucky itself. The reason being that Vanceburg was one of the landing places for immigrants traveling from Pennsylvania who came down the Ohio river to find their homes and fortunes in the famous hunting grounds of "Old Kainturckee."

In fact, Collins' History of this State indicates that the first horses brought to Kentucky were landed from a flat boat at the mouth of Salt Lick Creek. It's pretty remarkable that the doorway to Kentucky's fame as the "Horse Capital of the World" arose from a river bank in Lewis County.

Named for explorer Meriweather Lewis, the county remains ablaze with rugged wilderness and lush, hard won farmland. Historian George Walter Bunton wrote of the area in 1912 in terms that border on poetic.
It tells us that these laughing brooks and streams that now sing their songs of wealth and plenty were once the battle lines of our sires contesting with the savage for a home in the wilds. These templed hills of Lewis County that echo the call of the happy plowman or merry milkmaid had their first silence broken by the crack of the rifle and the groan of the suffering pioneer.
George Walter Bunton, 1912
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Today, Lewis county remains a gateway to the heart of Kentucky. With access by rail, river and road the area is poised to receive an influx of travelers and vacationers who cherish the beauty and opportunities provided by its gorgeous outdoors -- or to serve as a hub for manufacturing, technology or other 21st century industries.

What you are certain to find in the communities that make up this northeast Kentucky county are hard working families and welcoming neighbors. Faith and community spirit go hand-in-hand with a willingness to work together for common goals that will better all.
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Officials rally on the steps of the Lewis County Justice Center.
Read more about the history of Lewis County in this great link: History of Lewis County, Kentucky by Rev. O.G. Ragan
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