Train photo © Dave Honan. Used with permission.

Representative Jill York

Serving Kentucky's 96th District

Lawrence County: a center for trade, industry and tourism
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Lawrence county boasts some of the most rugged, natural beauty that still can be found in the Commonwealth. Tucked in the northeast corner of the state and separated from West Virginia by the Big Sandy River, the county also provides an excellent corridor for business and industry.

The hospitality and warmth of Lawrence Countians is legendary. The communities that dot the large county are vibrant, welcoming and full of talented and hard working people. Louisa boasts a famous bridge whose unique properties set it apart from other spans. Listed in Ripley's Believe it or Not, the bridge spans two rivers (Tug and Levisa Fork), has a right turn in the center, connects two states (Kentucky and West Virginia), two cities (Louisa, Ky, and Fort Gay, WVa), two counties (Lawrence County, Ky and Wayne County, WVa).
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