Representative Jill York

Serving Kentucky's 96th District

The "New 96th" Carter and Lawrence counties
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The impact of population changes within the state's legislative districts are adjusted following each federal census. The object is to maintain House districts that are close to equal size across the state. The state's population is divided by 100 house districts and 38 senate districts.

The effect of the most recent redistricting has shifted the 96th district and its legislator, Rep. Jill York, to the south to include Lawrence County. Rep. York's father, James "Happy" York was a proud Lawrence county native.

Lewis County has been absorbed into the 99th district which at this time has no resident representative. Since there is no seated representative for that district, Rep. York has pledged to continue to serve her former constituents until the election of 2014.

As the transition to the new districts continues, the counties of both the former and the present 96th District will be highlighted on this website.
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An amazing place to work, create, explore or raise a family
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Carter, Lawrence and Lewis counties are uniquely poised in their corner of Northeastern Kentucky. Situated as they are on the AA Highway, Interstate 64, and Route 23, the communities they hold are within an eight-hour drive of two-thirds of the population of the United States. Rail, river and roads offer many routes for distribution and travel from their locations while the beauty and tranquility of the area makes either county a great place to call home.
Look around the pages and conside this your invitation to visit our wonderful corner of Kentucky!

Here within these pages we will provide you with links that can help you get to know the opportunities that await you in Lawrence, Carter and Lewis. The area is teeming with terrain, streams and lakes that are sure to bring out your inner adventurer. You can climb, hike, fish, hunt, bike, trail ride, kayak your way throughout the area. And as if there aren't plenty of choices above the ground for outdoor fun -- we can show you amazing cave country that gives you a window into the world below our feet!

Travel any of the backroads and you will find yourself visiting one small community after another -- each with their own personalities and delights. Local merchants and businesses partner with community groups for festivals and fairs that engender civic pride and good old fashioned neighborly behavior. Farmers markets, roadside stands and mom and pop shops are welcoming, full of great treats and conversations.

Click through these pages and consider this your invitation to visit!

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