Representative Jill York

Serving Kentucky's 96th District


Extra Road funds coming to Lawrence & Carter

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Lawrence and Carter Counties will benefit from extra road fund dollars this year, says Rep. York. The $444,000 dollars will allow work beyond the scope of the the two counties previously budgeted road plans. "It was great to be able to contact the County Judges and relay the good news from the Governor and the Transportation Cabinet, York said. She was able to stop in at the Carter Fiscal Court meeting on Monday, Oct. 24, 206 to announce that an additional $194,000 in road money would be coming to the county from the state. This comes within days of York notifying Lawrence County Judge Executive John Osborne to expect $250,000.
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"Economic Promise Zone" bill pre-filed by York

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"One of the best tactics we can utilize to help our businesses grow and succeed is to allow them to retain more dollars to re-invest and grow with," says Rep. York, who recently pre-filed legislation that would designate all counties in the Fifth Congressional district as a zone that would extend special tax provisions to business owners within those counties.

"Our region has suffered more than most from the economic downturn and loss of the coal industry. This bill encourages employers to hire more employees, offers tax breaks to folk for keeping jobs, and lets company owners hang on to their sales and use taxes -- rather than send them to the state." BR 225 would create provisions for additional compensation for sellers in the zone, allow an income tax credit for qualified employees equal to their income tax on wages up to $2,400, and let employers to claim an income tax credit for each employee. Certain qualifications would apply. Read more about Rep. York's bill here
General Assembly 2017 BR 225.
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York becomes Vice Chair of Education, joins Appropriations & Revenue

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“Education is the building block to growing our economy, bringing in new high-tech jobs and improving the overall quality of Kentucky’s workforce,” said Representative York.  “I’m pleased and humbled to be appointed Vice Chairwoman of this important committee, and I look forward to dealing with the issues essential to making the Commonwealth’s educational system the tops in the nation.”

York was also appointed to serve on the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee which oversees the Commonwealth’s multi-billion dollar budget.
“My experience as a small business owner gives me the insight to find ways for our state government to live within its means while providing needed services to our people,” added Rep. York.  “I look forward to the process of planning and working on Kentucky’s next budget now and in 2014.”
“Since first being elected to the House of Representatives, Jill has shown great abilities and leadership as a legislator which is why she was appointed to these two important positions,” said House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown. 
In addition to her appointments as to the House Education and Appropriations and Revenue committees, York will continue to serve on the Natural Resources and Environment, and Tourism Development and Energy committees.
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"Trail Towns" feature of Interim Economic Development and Tourism committee

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Rep. York gives a quick recap of the testimony and reports from the Interim Economic Development and Tourism Committee meeting from the Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort. Olive Hill, Kentucky is well on its way to achieving status as a Trail Town and will thereby be recognized as a gateway for adventure tourism.
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Rep. York's HB 460 would make redistricting plans public prior to vote

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Two House Republicans have filed a bill for the 2012 Legislative Session that if passed would require any proposed legislation dealing with redistricting for state and Congressional districts be released to the public and press five days before a vote could be taken in the General Assembly. 

House Bill 460’s primary sponsors are Representative Jill York, R-Grayson, and Representative C.B. Embry, Jr., R-Morgantown.
“This year’s redistricting fiasco, which has dominated much of our session and wasted thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, is proof positive that we need real change in how we handle drawing new boundaries,” said Rep. York.  “It is time that we shine the light on this issue and make sure all Kentuckians have plenty of time to review any future redistricting proposals before we as a legislative body cast our ballots.”
“It is important that we as legislators do all we can to build trust among those who choose us to represent them,” added Rep. Embry.  “I’m proud to be a co-sponsor of House Bill 460 and hope that future redrawing of district boundaries is more open and inclusive to all interested parties.”
The proposal would cover any and all proposals regarding redistricting, including any committee amendment, committee substitute, floor amendment, conference committee report, or free conference committee report, and any bill containing redistricting plans and maps under the five day requirement spelled out in the bill.
House Bill 460, which was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives on February 24, can be viewed at the following link:
Read House Bill 460.
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York speaks out against partisan redistricting

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Photo courtesy LRC Public Information

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Rep. Jill York, R-Grayson (96th District) speaks out on the House floor regarding her opposition and describes the displeasure among people in her district to the House Democrats version of House Bill 1. The bill, which passed on Thursday, January 12, would divide Lewis County into three districts, and move Rep. York’s home county of Carter to another district.

York warned in her remarks that a challenge to the maps would most assuredly be brought and that was precisely what happened. The Kentucky Supreme Court found that the lines dividing districts were not properly drawn and the court upheld an injunction from a lower court to stop the use of the maps. This decision threw out the unconstitutional boundaries and lawmakers served and ran in the districts as they stood prior to the redistricting effort.

In order to meet population guidelines, new maps must be created to "even up" discrepancies between district sizes but it is hoped that the decision of the courts will help prevent partisan gerrymandering from being attempted again.
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"Kentucky Call to Prayer Day" ceremony held in Capitol Rotunda

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (January 27, 2012) – Rep. Jill York, R-Grayson signs a pledge during Kentucky Call to Prayer Day, which was held in the Kentucky Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort. The pledge was to reaffirm the commitment by legislators to uphold the values that the Commonwealth was founded upon. (Photo courtesy Kentucky House Republican Caucus/LRC Public Information).
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Rep. York seeks to aid volunteer firefighters with $1,000 tax credit

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (January 4, 2012) – HB 193 would create a $1,000 refundable tax credit for any certified volunteer firefighter in the Commonwealth if it is passed this session.
"There is no way we can fully measure the value of the service and personal sacrifices made by our volunteer firefighters" said Rep. Jill York, R-Grayson.  "Our hope is that this proposal in some way is a thank you for those men and women who serve their communities and counties as volunteer firefighters, and reimburse them for a little of the cost they incur."
Under the bill, any volunteer firefighter who is certified by the Commission on Fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education would be eligible for a refundable tax credit of $1,000 beginning on January 1, 2013.  Eligibility for the tax credit would be based on certification and that the individual must be a certified volunteer firefighter for the entire taxable year.
House Republican Representative Michael Meredith, R- Brownsville, is the primary sponsor with Rep. York and Sara Beth Gregory of Monticello as co-sponsors.

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